Planner Refresh Series | 05 Home + Money Section

Today I’m reviewing my home section in my planner which I am combining with my money section.

I’m keeping the homebody dashboard from My Minimal Planner and cleaning list from The Planner Spot in my planner as deco and reference for this section.

I’m replacing my zone cleaning post it notes with a business card pocket which I will use with page flags to add any areas that need cleaning the next time I clean in that zone. It may be that this gets tedious having to use a different pen to write on the page flags but I’m going to try this and see how I get on.

I’m keeping my zone cleaning lists which give ideas on weekly cleaning, specific cleaning and self care in the zone.

I’m not keeping my 365 Declutter list as I am going to do my own Declutter challenge for 2023 which is more specific to my home.

My bills information will be transferred to a new insert which is a simple grid with sections and headers.

In my money section which will be merged with my home section I have a budget brain dump list of highs to budget for, I’m keeping this and have just changed the ‘04’ on the top of the page to a piggy bank!

I’ve made a vertical bill tracker as I prefer vertical inserts instead of having to turn my planner round.

I’m removing my fuel log as I don’t buy petrol as often as I used to, and I’m refreshing my specific shop lists with a new grid insert divided into 4 sections,

You can watch the video version of this post here.


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