Planner Refresh Series | 04 Calendars

In the 4th episode of my planner refresh series I’m reviewing my Plans section which consists of all of the calendars that make up my planning system.

The first insert I have in this section is important dates which is a list of bank holidays and important dates throughout the year, I have updated this for 2023.

I also updated my perpetual calendar with family birthdays.

My current future log is from Paper Tess designs and it has worked very well for pre planning. I have let myself be untidy on this insert and it’s been a really useful tool. I made my own version of this on Microsoft Word. (I actually changed this design slightly after I’d filmed as I didn’t like how it looked, you’ll see this in my 2023 flip!)

I also have a one page insert with dates for the following year.

I have created a grid insert on Microsoft word to record annual leave from work for both myself and my husband.

I’ve loved using the Rose & Mist monthly inserts but I wanted to make a few tweaks to the design, so I made m y own version which has a month on one page overview calendar, a brain dump on the left side of the page, and the following page (at the moment) has a month on two pages detailed view. This may change depending on how often I refer to this in the next few months, but I love the idea of having a larger calendar. It’s the reason I sometimes think of switching to A5 until I realise it would be too big!

I’ve spent the last few months refining my weekly inserts (you can see the evolution of these on my YouTube video that goes along with this blog post) I am enjoying using these and improving them from week to week.


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